About Us

What is 8 Ball Community?
An artist collective; a community space; an independent media platform; a public library; a publishing house; a center for practical education.

Who is 8 Ball Community?
Run by volunteers, 8 Ball Crew is made of creative minds of all ages, backgrounds, gender and gender non conforming.

What does 8 Ball Community do?
We broadcast radio and tv shows, made by volunteers and anyone else who needs the platform. The TV acts as public access, so anyone can drop off their videos or come and use the studio.
We publish zine and small books of artists we think deserve to be highlighted, as well as informative zines about various activism subjects.
We collect zines and make them accessible to the public during our opening hours.
We organize events, including book fairs, exhibitions, screenings, dance parties, conferences, and more.
We produce workshops on various subjects open to the public or for specific organizations.
We create connections between people to build a strong, independent community of creative minds.


Visit us at https://8ballcommunity.club/